Family Indemnity Insurance

During difficult times we all want what's best for our family, including freeing them from finance worries that can add to their suffering.  Unfortunately, today's high funeral costs create not only worry, but can leave your family in debt for years to come.

The Family Indemnity Plan from CUNA Mutual can help provide your family with additional resources when they need it most.

A Plan That Offers Three Levels of Coverage

Each member's needs are different.  That is why the Family Indemnity Plan offers three coverage options; you can choose what's best for your family's needs.  The premiums vary according to the plan you choose.  All benefits are paid in cash and the coverage is for life!**

Plan A                  Individual Benefit:   $2,000                Monthly Premium:        $  9.60

Plan B                  Individual Benefit:   $3,000                Monthly Premium:        $14.40

Plan C                  Individual Benefit:   $4,000                Monthly Premium:        $19.20

No Medical Exam Required to Obtain Coverage

Enrolling in the plan is easy.  And, you don't need to answer any medical questions or take a medical exam to obtain coverage.

The Plan Covers

  • Member
  • Spouse or significant other*
  • Unmarried children of member, from 1-25 years of age
  • Permanently disabled children are covered for life as long as they enroll before their 26th birthday
  • Member's parents or spouse's parents.*

You can cover up to six family members with a single plan.

 Questions? Contact a member services representative today!


* Must be under 70 years of age to enroll.
**Some restrictions apply